Friday, December 10, 2010



by porfle

When Dave sets sail with Buffy
There'll be no grand farewell
They'll slip away
Before the day
Shines bright upon Carmel.

When Dave sets sail with Buffy
Around the world they'll go
From Johnson's creek
Their sailboat sleek
Will reach the Bay of Schmoe.

They'll get up in the morning
Their mental clocks will know
And with the dawn
They'll eat a prawn
And drink a cup of Joe.

Dave will wear his sailor suit
And Buffy, gingham britches
They'll hop into
Dave's Malibu
And drive between the ditches.

They'll drive until they reach the banks
Where floats their hardy vessel
While Buffy dreams
Of soccer teams
And "That Girl" star, Ted Bessell. 

When Dave sets sail with Buffy
A fine adventure, that
In Timbuktu
They'll see a zoo
While Buffy buys a hat.

They'll go ashore in Amsterdam
To visit Dave's friend, Alice
Then on to Guam
Where Buffy's mom
Cleans toilets in the palace.

The seven seas they'll cross with ease
Until they get to Venice
They'll take a bus
To visit Gus
And maybe even Dennis.

And when the wind's exactly right
They'll sail on down to Haiti
Where children dance
In furry pants
And worship Warren Beatty.

When Dave sets sail with Buffy
How small the world will seem!
While on their boat
They'll train a goat
To serve them prunes and cream.

And when the sun sets o'er the sea
Into their bunks they'll leap
To think of squirrels
And ugly girls
Until they fall asleep.

When Dave comes home with Buffy
Their holiday complete
The weary Dave
Will have a shave
While Buffy soaks her feet.

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